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The hand brace, or bit and braceThe hand brace, or bit and brace

Perhaps the hand brace - an old, quaint, niche tool - seems an odd choice to feature as the first in a series of favorite tool reviews. But it is truly a favorite. It outperforms the hottest new rechargeable drills in driving heavy screws. It rapidly drives heavy lag bolts. Hand brace and auger bits reliably drill deep holes, faster than a Forstner or saw-tooth bit. Above all, it's fun to use.   More

Frank Klausz's three-minute dovetails using a bow sawFrank Klausz's three-minute dovetails using a bow saw

In this video, master cabinetmaker Frank Klausz cuts matching dovetails, by hand, in three minutes. He uses nothing but a bow saw and a pencil. And he's not rushing. Watch it.   More


Hand-crafted bow sawHand-crafted bow saw

The bow saw or frame saw is the historical version of a band saw. It excels at cutting curves; its long strokes cut faster and more evenly than a coping saw. This one, made of ash, is as fun to use as it was to build. It's also cheaper, quieter, takes far less space, and safer than a band saw.   More

The wooden try or jointer planeThe wooden try or jointer plane

My new, really old wooden try plane, aka jointer plane. It required tuning, fixing an uneven bed, but now works well.   More

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