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3D SketchUp models

Google SketchUp is a wonderful program for woodworkers interested in 3D modelling - with a little practice, it is far easier and more suited to designing your next project than are CAD programs. (I've used both AutoCAD and TurboCAD: powerful and unfriendly, and they don't allow you to design in 3D nearly as easily as SketchUp does.) A further advantage: it's free. Its 3D Warehouse contains many user-submitted designs, free to download and use. For example, the 3D Warehouse contains 124 workbench models as of this writing.

Following are SketchUp models I've developed. Feel free to download, modify, use as much as you desire. Enjoy ...

While Google SketchUp is much easier than CAD software, there's still a learning curve. I've found Google SketchUp For Dummies by Aidan Chopra very helpful; you could also view various on-line tutorials, or those that come with the program.

Ryobi BT3000 combination table saw/router tableRyobi BT3000 combination table saw/router table

A basic but good scale model of the Ryobi BT3000 table saw/router table - a very sweet combination tool with many ardent aficionados. More

Bow saw, turning saw, or frame sawBow saw, turning saw, or frame saw

The bow saw, turning saw, or frame saw is history's version of a band saw. It cuts smooth curves and tight radii; the blade allows for long strokes that cut faster and more evenly than a coping saw. Plus, it's fun to build and fun to use. More


Kids' continental workbenchKids' continental workbench

This is an extremely solid, continental-style workbench I built with and for my kids - but since it's the best workbench I currently have, it's become my favorite, as well. More

Spiral-threaded bolt toolkitSpiral-threaded bolt toolkit

Components for creating true spiral-threaded bolts and machine screws of many sizes and styles: hex head, flanged hex head, round head, button head. Slotted and square drive head, with or without a smooth shank. Includes matching hex nut and washer. More

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