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Spiral-threaded bolt, Part 5: Finishing up

Select and Move the hex head component from my bolt template, joining it to the hex bolt.

join the bolt shank to the hex head

You'll notice, though, that not all components are colored alike. Not a problem.

Select all the component that you want to change. Select your Paint Bucket. Pick a color.

SketchUp Color Picker

Click the bucket to re-color your selections.

Further, you can Hide the "seams" between components, i.e. thread sections. Right-click on these lines, and select Hide.

Select Edit from the top menu bar, then Delete Guides, to remove guidelines.

Select View, and unselect Hidden Geometry.

finished 5" spiral-thread hex head bolt with washer and hex nut

Presto. Done.


Previous Part 4: Extending the shank

- PD


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