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Spiral-threaded bolt, Part 4: Extending the shank

To extend the shank end of the bolt, first, set another Guide point to determine where it should end.

create guide line along shank

Measuring from the end of the bolt, the bolt is 5 inches long. Type 5, hit Enter ...

guide line extended out to 5" from end of bolt

Extending individual component sections is unnecessarily painful. Instead, by drawing a line across the diameter of the bolt's shank end, we create two new faces ...

in SketchUp, drawing a line across the diameter of a cylinder creates two faces that close off the end of the cylinder

Then, we select the same line,

select a line for deletion

and delete it, to convert two faces into one.

Zoom out so you can see the end of your Guide, select Push/Pull, and highlight the face you've created.

select the face of the cylinder using the Push/Pull tool

Left-click to select this face, and Pull it up to the Guide point. Move your mouse over the guide point itself to force the face to "snap" even with this point. Release the left mouse button.

Pull the face of the cylinder out to the end of the guide line

Reselect this face, without its circumference (just click on it again, if the circumference highlights as well).

reselect the end face, then delete it

Delete this face.


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