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Woodworking projects

Custom built-in bookcasesCustom built-in bookcases

These bookcases are based on some I once saw in a medieval library, in Prague - bookcases that stretched from ground to ceiling, but with an extra-wide lower shelf that served as deep storage as well as seating. Those were plain white. These are red oak and Japanese ash, and feature a mix of custom and purchased moldings.   More

Coffee table/chestCoffee table/chest

A combination chest/coffee table built from red oak and finished with wrought-iron hardware, square-cut nails, and flaps stays to prevent lid-slam injury.   More


Hand-crafted bow sawHand-crafted bow saw

The bow saw or frame saw is the historical version of a band saw. It excels at cutting curves; its long strokes cut faster and more evenly than a coping saw. This one, made of ash, is as fun to use as it was to build. It's also cheaper, quieter, takes far less space, and safer than a band saw.   More

Children's European-inspired woodworking benchChildren's European-inspired woodworking bench

A solid, traditional continental-inspired workbench, scaled down to kids' size. Built from spruce, poplar, and MDF, it features a front vise and a convertible shoulder vise/tail vise combination.   More

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